About Us



Mission Statement:
Expect A Miracle…Now, Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life within our community through innovative programs geared towards emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical growth. We guide people to follow “the path of the heart”.


We are facilitators of multi-dimensional, experiential workshops and seminars. Our creative seminars are designed to facilitate personal empowerment, responsibility, accountability, and self-love by helping people embrace their own mortality and purpose on earth.


Additionally, we partner with other not-for-profit organizations committed to raising awareness through the enchantment of music. Through these concerts, we are dedicated to keeping the music and legacy of John Denver alive and in our hearts.

New Years Eve is John Denver’s birthday and Expect A Miracle…Now, Foundation has produced concerts featuring John’s former band members and colleagues celebrating his 60th through 65th birthdays. Karmen Dopslaff and Chris Nole have produced these concerts to raise money for the hungry and homeless in John’s honor and memory.

Expect A Miracle…Now, Foundation and Karmen Dopslaff have co-produced the John Denver Tribute Concerts at the Wheeler Opera House in Aspen Colorado with the M.U.S.E. Foundation, Kenn Roberts and Kris O’Connor for the years 2006 – 2007, benefiting Challenge Aspen, an outdoor experience for the physically challenged.

Kenn Roberts has retired as of 2007 and since then Expect A Miracle…Now, Foundation has become the sole producer of the John Denver Tribute Concerts. This is the largest John Denver tribute concert in the world and each October his friends and fans travel from all around the planet to meet and celebrate John’s music and legacy.


Founders and Board:

raymond huger karmen dopslaff

Co-Founders - Raymond A. Huger M.D. and Karmen T. Dopslaff
President - Karmen T. Dopslaff
Vice President - Ulrich Dopslaff Ph.D.

Raymond A. Huger, M.D. the late co-founder of Expect A Miracle...Now, Foundation (formerly First Light Huger Foundation) served as President. Dr. Huger was a retired psychiatrist who spent over 50 years in practice at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona. He also served on the Board of Directors of the Malta Center, the Frances Moynihan Huger Foundation and First Light Huger Foundation.

Karmen T. Dopslaff is President and co-founder of Expect A Miracle...Now, Foundation, (formerly First Light Huger Foundation.) Karmen has been active in hospice care since 1986, and has served on the Board of Directors of Shanti, the Malta Center, The Frances Moynihan Huger Foundation and Esperança. Karmen created the Awakening seminar in 1995 out of a growing need to help people in service to find their own renewal. In 1997, Karmen helped lead the Universal Experience in Switzerland for the Swiss AIDS Help Organization. Karmen is internationally respected for her compassion and insight and she has helped thousands of persons deal with the core feelings associated with loss, grief, death, and dying. In 2002, Karmen responded to an appeal made by the Arizona Department of Corrections (ADOC) to facilitate the Awakening seminar inside the prison walls. Twenty groups of inmates, both male and female, eventually graduated from the program which met with high praise from all levels of the administration.

Ulrich Dopslaff, Ph.D. is Vice President of the Board of Directors of Expect A Miracle...Now, Foundation. He also co-facilitated the Awakening seminars held at the Arizona Department of Corrections for both men and women. Dr. Dopslaff is an Attorney at Law, holds a Master’s Degree in Sociology and a Doctorate in Philosophy. He authored the book, The Interpretation of Law.  Dr. Dopslaff has retired from the Ministry of Justice of Brandenburg in Germany. There he had been in charge of developing and structuring programs for the re-socialization of inmates for the entire state of Brandenburg. Dr. Dopslaff relocated to the United States in May 2006.