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Our curriculum includes experiential “Awakening” workshops from a multi-dimensional perspective, including music therapy, dance and movement, and educational awareness programs connected to becoming centered and mindful.

The Awakening seminar is conducted as an intensive two and one-half day workshop that provides an opportunity for people to face their fears of death and loss so they can live their lives “on purpose” and experience the fulfillment of expressing their love and creativity daily.

Our Awakening seminars involve an eclectic participant population predicated on the following: re-igniting the life force in hospice workers and other health care providers suffering from burn out; encouraging terminally ill individuals to reclaim their vitality during their remaining time on this planet; helping convicted prisoners (who are also being kept chained by their internal low self concept) to heal and acknowledge that they are valuable individuals who can choose to offer something positive to the world.


We partner with other not-for-profit organizations committed to raising awareness through the enchantment of music.

We produced New Year’s Eve benefit concerts in honor of John Denver’s 60th through 65th birthdays in order to raise money for feeding the homeless.

We were co-producers of the annual Tribute To John Denver Concerts performed by John’s band at the historic Wheeler Opera House in Aspen, Colorado, in October of 2006 and 2007. This tribute was produced and sponsored by the M.U.S.E. Foundation.

In 2008 and continuing in 2009, Karmen Dopslaff and the Expect A Miracle . . . Now, Foundation stepped forward to produce the annual "October in Aspen," John Denver Tribute concerts at the Wheeler Opera House. In addition to being the producer of these concerts, Expect A Miracle . . . Now, Foundation and Karmen, a devoted friend of the late John Denver, have presented the John Denver Memorial Award (see below) at each year’s show, to the individual who best exemplifies the music and the positive impact John Denver has had on our society.



The prison ministry has combined many of the same components as the Seminars and the Concerts and brought them into the prisons, most recently in Arizona's Department of Corrections.

Seminars, such as the Awakening workshops, as well as concerts by the John Denver Tribute concert musicians have been presented and/or sponsored by the Expect A Miracle . . . Now, Foundation.

Through an intensive 8 to10 week Awakening program, incarcerated men and women are guided to move through past difficulties, detours and set backs, embrace their inner light and let their spirit emerge shining. Our purpose is to bring healing and relief from self-defeating behavior by teaching authentic self-expression and trust that inmates are really valuable individuals who can choose to offer something positive to society.



The John Denver Music and Humanitarian Award



Karmen prepares to present the award at one of the ceremonies.



Expect A Miracle . . . Now, Foundation donates the award and $10,000 annually to benefit the featured charity.  The award is bestowed in the name of the honoree and John Denver at the annual tribute concert in Aspen's Wheeler Opera House. 


 Through this award, John's spirit continues to live on and inspire others.


To date, the Foundation has given $70,000 to benefit children.



The 2009 Award is being sponsored by

JoLynn Long



The award, a gallery-quality bronze maquette of Windstar's "Spirit" statue of John Denver by noted artist Sue DiCicco, is given to the individual who best exemplifies the music and the positive impact John Denver has had on our society.



This Year's 2010 Recipient is:




Last Year's was Terry Li


Terry is being honored, posthumously, for producing the documentary film "WHAT ONE MAN CAN DO" based on the extraordinary life of the late John Denver.  The film is to demonstrate the power of the creative spirit in all humans.

After retiring from business, Terry worked for a number of years with John Denver in Australia and in the USA assisting him with the development his environmental foundation, Windstar, producing John's "Higher Ground" in Australia and, after moving to Aspen Colorado in 1989, he assisted with the co-production of a number of Denver's "Choices For The Future Symposiums."  By producing "What One Man Can Do," (MORE INFO)  Lipman was fulfilling a promise he made to John the week before his tragic death, to make a film that would spread John's message of peace and sustainability around the world.



Donna and Terry Lipman with John Denver                                               Terry and Donna Lipman



Terry Lipman, who died in 2009 from a heart attack, was a fine man with a great spirit that guided his noble pursuits and earthly accomplishments. He knew about the spirit and feared no ending. He knew that life is eternal. He knew our forms end, but not the spiritual energy that inhabits and guides the body. He knew the individuation of the indivisible continues forever by the grace of love from the All That Is.

A poetic epithet is my gift to his life.

You gave in life your love and light
With grace of self beyond life’s fright.
So now you are forever here
Deep in our hearts your spirit’s near.

Goodbye Terry. The eternal light is now brighter.      - Roland Smith


From Terry's Online Biography:


Prior to relocating in Austin Texas in 1997, Terry operated for over 25 years from headquarters in Sydney Australia as the CEO of his own international Lloyd’s insurance and financial services wholesaling group and was a pioneer in helping build the Australian film industry to become a world center for local and international filmmakers.

For his services Terry was awarded The Australian Small Business Award for Entrepreneurial Services to the Community in 1982 and also, in 1983,was nominated for The BHP Award of Excellence, the major annual small business award in Australia. He was also active in the entertainment business through his company Dalta Productions Pty. Ltd co-producing television programs featuring Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Michael Parkinson, Peter Ustinov, Sir David Frost, John Denver and others.

Using his experience and international connections from his Australian film initiative, Terry has been working for several years alongside leaders in Texas to build the Texas film industry using a similar formula he used in Australia by creating a VC style corporation to serve as a bridge between filmmakers, investors and distributors that will provide those essential business services required by filmmakers and their investors to assist in the funding, production, ownership and sales of selected films to be shot in Texas using local crews, services and facilities.

Terry is also producing a documentary film "WHAT ONE MAN CAN DO" based on the extraordinary life of the late John Denver. The film is to demonstrate the power of the creative spirit in all humans.

Donna and I are partners in the true meaning. We are married with two children and collaborate in all our activities. From filmmaking though producing and presenting workshops and entertainment events, life coaching and selling real estate. Not forgetting relaxing and having fun skiing in Aspen and sailing in Australia. We live in Austin Texas. One of our more satisfying activities is producing workshops teaching young people emotional education and life skills so needed in today's world.



JoLynn Long


JoLynn Long, the sponsor of this award, commissioned the film produced by Terry, "What One Man Can Do."  She is the founding director of JD Spirit, a 501(c)3 organization established to create “What One Man Can Do.” She has provided seed funding for the research and development.

JoLynn has worked long and hard on humanitarian projects connected with John Denver for a number of years and is currently a Director of “The Windstar Foundation” and a former Director of “The John Denver Memorial Peace Cloth” an organization dedicated to world peace. Her inspiration has been the life of John Denver and she sees this project as her legacy.







Terry Lipman  Producer of documentary film about John's life and power of human spirit, "What One Man Can Do."



Joe Henry  Longtime friend and co-writer of many of John's most memorable recordings



Bill Danoff Composer of 12 of John's recorded hit songs



Erma Deutschendorf John Denver's mother



Kenn Roberts founder of the M.U.S.E. Foundation and co-producer of John Denver tribute concerts nationwide



john__hal.jpg (72891 bytes)

Hal Thau John's business manager



Make Your Life a Work of Art

Tom Crum John's friend and co-founder of Windstar



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Kris O'Connor John's road manager and friend and co-producer of tribute concerts in Aspen




Images of Past Presentations:





Donna Lipman receiving the John Denver Spirit award from Karmen, on behalf of her late husband, Terry Lipman


Joe Henry (left) accepting the award

from Tom Crum in 2008. 

Karmen is behind them.

(Photo by Mary Ledford)



Bill Danoff listens as Karmen reads the inscription during the award's

presentation in 2007.


Erma Deutchendorf receiving the 2006 Award from Karmen, with Houston Cowan (of Challenge Aspen) and Kenn Roberts on either side


Kenn Roberts receiving the 2005 Award from Karmen, for his continued support of using John's music through concerts to help others.